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“Great Sales Training! The presentation and the content was great. Marie Warner did a very good job of helping us better understand selling software.”

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As a licensed CustomerCentric Selling® Business Partner, Warner Professional Sales provides sales training and sales process support to firms throughout the U.S. and worldwide through the CustomerCentric Systems® partner and affiliate network of over 100 professionals.

Also a certified Cold Calling Coach™ Warner Professional Sales offers instructional and motivational Cold Calling and Prospecting workshops, plus individualized coaching in real-time – during prospecting cold calls. Workshops are offered in effective prospecting through email, phone, social networks (Web 2.0) networking events, trade shows and referral programs.

Sales Training and Sales Performance Coaching

Every business needs sales people with the skills required to sell more effectively in today’s competitive marketplace. Companies selling complex products and services experience even greater challenges in developing sales staff with the skills needed to succeed.

Sales Training for the Complex Sale
What is the “complex” sale? This competitive marketplace is characterized by products or services with the following characteristics:

  • Hard to describe and explain;
  • Intangible;
  • Long sell cycles;
  • Sold to committees;
  • Perceived as expensive;
  • Viewed as being difficult to sell;

Sales Rep TrainingIn these situations, conventional sales techniques not only don't help, they may actually prevent the sales organization from achieving its revenue and performance goals. Warner Professional Sales works with you in developing training programs to address the specific training and development needs of your organization.

We focus on tactical sales skills – emphasizing areas of greatest management concern, such as “gaining access to power players”; “negotiation without caving on price”; and, “stopping sales deal slippage“.

This emphasis leads to early success, and more immediate payback on your training investment.

Sales Training Expertise
  • Information Technology – Software, SaaS, ASP, Consulting
  • Hardware and Managed Service Providers
  • Utility Software – Application Life Cycle Management Software
  • Financial Services (Corporate and Institutional sales)
  • Internet
  • Media and Publishing

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