Sales Team Recruiting

Client Testimonial

“Marie has consistently overachieved my expectations during the recruiting efforts we conducted together over the past 12 months. Not only are her candidates exactly what I am looking for but they exhibit a level of finesse and capability that have been the foundation for my success in my current team building efforts. These spot on candidates married with responsiveness and clear communication have been a blessing! I would recommend Marie with flying colors!”

Industries / Markets Served

Our clients are companies who sell to corporations and financial institutions, governments, and educational institutions. Areas of search expertise, and positions filled in past 12 months include:

  • Information Technology – Software
  • Information Technology – E-Content and Analytics
  • Information Technology - IT Consulting Services
  • Medical and Diagnostic Hardware and Software
Sales Team Recruiting Internet Technology
  • Information Technology – Software
  • FinTech
  • EdTech
  • Online Business Research and Competitive Intelligence
Sales Team Recruiting Medical Devices and Supplies
  • Medical Devices - Capital Equipment and software technology
  • Medical and Dental Supplies
Sales Team Recruiting Promotional and Marketing Services and Products
  • Pharmaceutical Promotional Products and Services
  • Incentive Marketing and Loyalty Programs
  • Promotional Apparel
  • Travel Incentive Sales
Sales Team Recruiting Manufacturing
  • Commercial Chemical Fabricator and Marketer
  • Manufacturer and Marketer of Decorative Building Materials
  • Automotive and Safety Product Manufacturer and Marketer
  • Steel Fabricator
Sales Team Recruiting Media and Publishing
  • Print Advertising
  • Subscription Sales (Scientific, Trade, Financial Journals)
  • Professional Seminar and Event Sales

Sales Team Recruiting - Hire the "Right" Sales Candidate

How Warner Professional Sales helps find and hire winning sales talent
Sales Team Recruiting in today's competitive employment market typically takes 30 hours of administrative effort for one candidate, 15 hours of direct sales management time to screen and interview,plus 40 hours of productivity loss by other sales employees. And the "sunk" cost of these hours does not include the revenue shortfall of an uncovered sales territory and unassigned sales quota. Surveys show that the average cost of an open territory exceeds $80,000 monthly.

Warner Professional Sales helps clients not only shorten the time to hire, and therefore cut hiring costs – but more importantly – we help our clients hire the right sales talent – field rep, sales manager or senior sales executive – who is the right fit for your company, culture, sales team and market.

Sales Team RecruitingSuperior Sales Hire Retention – 91% of Candidates Hired “Stick” Over a Year
The most recent Sales Benchmark Index© survey showed that sales staff turnover for a typical company in business-to-business sales is 35%. Only 65% of the sales team remains year-to-year. The survey found that over half of sales staff turn-over was attributed to a poor hiring decision. And the cost of a bad sales hire averages $250,000 to $400,000.

How can you beat that benchmark and staunch sales turnover?
Warner Professional Sales helps their clients mitigate the risk – and the cost – of a poor sales hiring decision. Over 91% of the sales professionals we have referred remained with the hiring firm over a year.

All Qualification Interviews by Senior Sales Executive with 25+ Years of Experience
Marie Warner, President of Warner Professional Sales has recruited, trained and coached seven national, regional and industry sales teams in her corporate career, and trained hundreds of sales professionals in consultative, solutions selling skills. Every candidate referred to our clients is screened and interviewed by Marie Warner, President.

How Warner Professional Sales meets your Sales Recruiting Needs:

  • We ensure that we have a thorough understanding of your hiring requirements, and a detailed profile of your desired candidate. We summarize this understanding in writing for your review and approval. This summary is so comprehensive that many clients use the detail in their internal job descriptions.

  • Candidates are sourced from our database of professional candidate and referral contacts, as well as leading national and niche Resume Databases.

  • Candidates are also sourced from Professional Social Networking Sites, or, as client need demands, direct sourced from target companies or industries.

  • We place advertisements on appropriate national, regional and "niche" job boards and we screen applicants to find qualified candidates.

  • We locate, screen and conduct in-depth interviews of candidates. All candidates are interviewed by President, Marie Warner, a Sales Executive with 20+ years of experience, 9 years as Chief Sales Officer.

  • We do not refer any resume for your review until we have interviewed that individual to qualify as a candidate to your desired profile and job requirements, and that candidate has expressed interest in exploring your opportunity. All resumes referred to you are accompanied by notes on the interviews conducted.

  • We coordinate interview scheduling with your selected candidates, and debrief with you and the candidate after interviews.

  • We help you extend an offer and negotiate the final package with your selected candidate. We advise on prevailing salary trends to help you craft a competitive earnings package.

  • We follow up with you and the candidate after the hire date.

“Excellent Sales Hire” Program – Additional Offerings
The selection and qualification of a candidate only begins with the screening and interview process. Warner Professional Sales also helps clients implement, conduct and interpret candidate sales assessment testing to gain greater insight to the selling, technical and communications skill sets as well as attitude and “willingness to sell” of finalist candidates.

In addition to Pre-employment Assessment Testing, verifying and reporting on Business, Employer and Personal References may be performed by Warner Professional Sales.

Contact us to discuss your sales hiring, training or planning needs.