Sales Enablement Consulting

Sales Enablement

Client Testimonial

“Marie Warner and her firm, Warner Professional Sales has consistently overachieved my expectations. Not only are her candidates exactly what I am looking for but they exhibit a level of finesse and capability that have been the foundation for my success in my current team building efforts. These spot on candidates married with responsiveness and cleat communication have been a blessing!”

Senior Manager
Customer Development Teams, International Language Services Company

Sales Enablement

Sales EnablementSales Enablement helps your sales reps sell better and faster. Sales Enablement is providing your sales team with four key resources:

  1. Your firm’s unique, optimized sales process which mirrors the prospect’s buying timeline, as well as how that prospect evaluates and buys;
  2. Sales training and sales performance coaching to equip your sales reps to best engage your prospects;
  3. On-target sales messaging; the key here is whether the messaging is appropriate to the stage of the journey - not a “one size fits all”; and
  4. Technical tools (CRM, Sales Forecasting, Reporting) that work best for your markets and customers and which help your sellers engage your buyers throughout the sales cycle.

Marie Warner of Warner Professional Sales has assessed, created and monitored sales enablement programs for startup and emerging growth firms, acting as an outsourced Sales Enablement Director or developing Turn-Key Enablement Programs to turn over to internal professionals.

Sales Team Optimization

  • Sales team skill assessment and coaching of management in sales staff development and intervention issues, including performance tracking, and corrective personnel action.

  • Team structure and reporting hierarchy, including inside and telesales teams, (in-house and out-sourced) direct field sales and indirect channel sales. Sales Management structure by region, industry, national or global, and revenue potential/market size.

  • Sales territory definition or sales territory realignment for efficient sales “coverage” and maximum revenue attainment. Projects include territory definition by geography, industry, national account and/or target market.

  • Sales Revenue Quota Planning to meet overall business goals.

  • Individual, team and sales management incentive compensation structure modeling and plans.

  • Performance metric definition and tracking, including activity goals, forecasting and reporting.

Sales Messaging and Buyer Persona

  • Identify your ideal customer, job title and function, and define a clear customer value proposition and your firm's competitive distinction. This work, known as "Market Mapping and Messaging" applies leading solution selling, strategic and consultative selling disciplines to creating a consistent message for your target market.

    Using leading sales methodologies, establish lead generation programs and sales tools, including phone sales scripts and prospecting letters.

  • Sales territory definition or sales territory realignment for efficient sales “coverage” and maximum revenue attainment. Projects include territory definition by geography, industry, national account and/or target market.

  • Develop, balance and assign specific sales territories using latest information technology tools to identify and research potential customers.

Business Development and Lead Generation

  • Develop and recommend marketing resources to successfully execute product launch programs.

  • Define and recommend alternative resources for direct mail lists, direct mail fulfillment services. Implement database marketing solutions to support direct mail and ongoing telesales and out-bound prospecting programs.

  • Define and plan launch events and launch promotions, such as hosted seminars, speaking engagements and webinars.

  • Define alternatives and recommend resources for public relations, advertising, other media activities and ongoing public relations campaigns.

Sales Process

  • Sales process definition to determine optimal sales milestones for opportunity tracking and more accurate sales forecasting.

  • Sales Process “audit” to uncover common roadblocks with the goal to shorten the selling cycle, and to increase sales forecast accuracy.

  • Customized customer, client or prospect surveys to align sales process with the customer’s “buying process”.

  • Training of direct and indirect sales teams, as well as sales, marketing and senior management in Process Based selling.